PoopShark Paper Poop Bag, biodegradable, plastic-free waste bagPoopShark Paper Poop Bag, biodegradable, plastic-free waste bag

the better
poop bag

Reducing plastic, one bite at a time.
Catahoula Leopard Dog with two colored eyes at the beachCatahoula Leopard Dog with two colored eyes at the beach

Taking a
bite out
of plastic

41 pound French bulldog lying in the grass41 pound French bulldog lying in the grass


Made with compostable paper
Pitbull mix rescue dog sitting on the street in NYC with young womanPitbull mix rescue dog sitting on the street in NYC with young woman

A killer way
to reduce

Biodegradable paper poop bags
Young boy taking dog for a walkYoung boy taking dog for a walk


Switch to paper poop bags
PoopShark Paper Poop Bag opening and closing like a hand puppet
turtle swimming dangerously close to plastic bag in the ocean

In the U.S.

Something's fishy

85+ million adorable dogs

102+ million poop bags used a day

37+ billion poop bags used a year

When you use our PoopShark bags, you’ll help reduce the amount of plastic garbage in the world.

Switch to the better poop bag
green apples

Our paper can

biodegrade in 6 weeks just like an apple core

No bones about it
We're giving back

A portion of PoopShark profits will be donated to One Tree Planted, a non-profit that focuses on global reforestation. Our donation helps restore forests in California.

One Tree Planted charity organization worker is replanting trees in California

We're making a splash!


I love everything about this! Actually easier to use than my plastic ones because I didn’t struggle to open it up. And the stiffness of the bag kept it closed once I twisted it so no need to tie it.

Thomas S.

New York


I like how this bag feels and it folds flat so I can just slip one in my pocket. It is so easy to open—I have spent 5 minutes trying to open plastic bags! I love that it's made of just paper!

Kathleen C.



The baggie was a success! I think anyone caring for the environment will love this solution! 

Ewa C.

New York


They worked well. I was afraid that the bag might break after picking up and turning it inside out. Pleasantly surprised!

Jalal S.

New York


I was skeptical they would withstand their function without breaking as the paper looks thin. The bags are stronger than they seem! A nice balance of “this will do the job!” and “this bag should break down quickly once it becomes garbage."

Heather D.



I was worried that these very nice bags would not hold up to poop. But they do, very nicely! Wonderful product.

Joel D.

New Jersey


It worked really well, much better than I thought. My dog is 65lbs and picked up all her poo with no problem.  I didn’t get that slimy sensation of touching the poo through the plastic, so yay!

Luke M.

New York


My dog weighs about 28 lbs but poops like she's a LARGE dog! I was skeptical at first because I thought it would be difficult to pick up poop with a paper bag but it wasn't. It feels thin but strong enough to "trust" it.

Tanya M.



Bags were plenty strong for our dogs (both around 55 lbs). Conical design made it very easy to reverse. I was a little hesitant at first to trust the paper was germ proof but after using I think it’s great.

Kaley L.


Wheaton Terrier
Rhodesian Ridgeback