Introducing the PoopShark Paper Poop Bag

PoopShark Paper Poop Bag


PoopShark, A Pet Accessories Innovator Unveils Their First Product, A Revolutionary Paper Poop Bag

New Pet Upstart Seeks To Impact Plastic Bag Usage With Paper!

NEW YORK, — October 27th, 2021 — PoopShark, a leading innovator in sustainable accessories for pets unveiled their first product line, PoopShark paper dog poop bags. After spending many years asking questions about the environment, our collective plastic inputs and how we might be able to impact plastic usage by incentivizing the 85 million dog owners to embrace a paper poop bag, PoopShark was born.

PoopShark started with a simple quest... to find a better way

“102 million plastic poop bags are used every day,” said King- Yee Man, CEO & Founder of PoopShark. “That’s 37 billion poop bags a year! With PoopShark, we are asking an important question, if you could use a better poop bag for the environment, why wouldn’t you?”

With this question came the challenge of how do you reimagine the ubiquitous plastic bag and make it simple enough for people to make the change?

After a lot of research, testing & retesting, and conversations in dog parks around the greater metropolitan area, King developed the better poop bag and it’s made of paper. Yes, we said it, paper! Paper might sound delicate, but the paper we made our bags out of is a unique balance of paper that is flexible and strong.

PoopShark Bag Features

  • Made of unbleached uncoated kraft paper
  • Printed with vegetable-based inks
  • Paper not plastic
  • Our paper can biodegrade in less than 6 weeks

About PoopShark

PoopShark’s team embraces the tenet that one conscious act can have an echoing effect on our environment and making a small behavior change can have lasting impact for good. PoopShark’s mission is simple, to create highly practical pet products that invite dog owners to make a lasting change that is better for the environment. For more information, please visit

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