Small Changes Big Impact - Living more sustainably with Franklin

Small Changes Big Impact - Living more sustainably with Franklin
“Franklin can use his human like eyes in such a way that make you feel really guilty for not paying attention to him. As long as there as a ball in front of him he will play fetch endlessly, even sling shot the ball into your hands. Franklin can also be like a cat so he is the perfect emotional support animal. He’ll melt in my lap for 2 hours and it is so relaxing.”

Have you made any small changes to help our environment? “We separate the garbage. Tried to use composting trash bags but we had to be very careful because they ripped easily. Will try another brand. So excited that the city put a composting bin on our block. We make 95% of coffee at home now so we don’t use so many disposable cups. If we do want coffee out, we take reusable mug to @gasolinealleycoffee Try to do less takeout so there is less plastic, no utensils. Switched to using washable cloths instead paper towels. We use fabric napkins. Keep 2 small bags folded in my backpack so I always have an extra shopping bag if I have unplanned trip to the store.”

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