Small Changes Add Up to Make a Big Impact - Meet Lucy

Small Changes Add Up to Make a Big Impact - Meet Lucy

“Lucy was rescued in Arkansas. She was trapped by a couple who were addicted to meth and they would shoot her with a bb gun and then they let her go but trap her again with food. She is a survivor. She can eat a whole hotdog without dropping it on the ground. She’s a vigilant guard against the swans and seagulls at the bay. If you’re fishing she’ll protect your bait from seagulls. She is so sweet and gentle and loves to come onto the kids beds and put her butt on their pillow.”

Have you made any small changes to help the environment? “We started being more mindful of the packaging of products that we buy. Choosing no containers or glass or metal containers over plastic if possible. Open fruit and veg instead of plastic wrapped. Not taking the straw, lid, utensils or bag if we get something to go. Lucy is definitely committed to zero food waste so she’s very helpful.”

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