Small Changes Big Impact - with Miss Jones & Dashiell

Small Changes Big Impact - with Miss Jones & Dashiell

Dashiell is very snuggly and sweet. Miss Jones loves to roll in the sand and watch the waves. They are connoisseurs of bunny poop. They love making doggie friends. They love love love the beach and drinking salt water which then is not so good when we get home.”

Have you made any small changes to help the environment? “I’ve found a really great solid shampoo. I use the Swedish dish towels but I do use paper sometimes when it’s really yucky. I use compostable poop bags. We recycle. Planted all native species in my yard.  Only use cloth napkins. Metal straws. I started using only clean products over 10 years ago that have no parabens, phthalates, silicone.  We made this change because my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her oncologist suggested stop using any products with these ingredients.”

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