Small Changes Big Impact - with Gigi

Small Changes Big Impact - with Gigi
“Gigi is very social and just loves everyone’s attention. But super cuddly at home. She loves kids and plays with them like other puppies. We live across the street from a school yard and she’ll drag me across the street if they are out at recess.”

What small changes have you made to help the environment? “We compost in the city. I lobbied our city council member for a solar composting bin on our block. Between all 3 families in my building we only have one bag of regular garbage a week. I use the swedish dish cloth. Just started using reusable tissues. I switched to a solid shampoo and conditioner. I switched to all refillable glass bottles for cleaning products. Since we started using the reusable fabric towels that wrap onto a paper towel holder, I’ve only used 3 rolls of regular paper towels in the past year—crazy. It really does make a difference.”

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