Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact - featuring Charlie

Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact - featuring Charlie
“We got Charlie when he was 7 months old and he is 14 now. He was abused by his previous family. He has a lot of anxiety. He couldn’t be left alone. He has chewed 2 door knobs off, 2 doors and gates. We’ve had to set up a system in the house to leave him safely—block off rooms and open curtains so he can see out the window. Turn on the tv and play rock music. He won’t let one of us take him for a walk without everyone else in the house coming too. He wants the whole family together. He wouldn’t be the ideal dog for most people but he is the perfect pup for us. He is so sweet and affectionate and loving.”

Have you made any small changes to help the environment? “We use reusable water bottles for Charlie and for us. We have a colored glass system so everyone knows which glass is theirs so we won’t need to wash as many at the end of the day. We make sure everything goes in the right recycle bin. We try not to run the dishwasher or the washing machine as often. We keep almost all of our shipping boxes to reuse. We’ve been using laundry detergent sheets since they first came out.”

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