Small Changes to Help Our Environment - featuring Cleo

Small Changes to Help Our Environment - featuring Cleo
“Cleo Margeret Azra got her name from our baby cousin and our vet who we love. She has a little bit of separation anxiety. We were playing on the beach all day so she was exhausted and fell asleep when we got home. I went back to the beach and minutes later she escaped from the house and was sitting at the steps staring at me. LOVES her squeaky ball. Talks to it and squeals back at it. She can make the exact sound of the squeaker.”

Have you made any small changes to help the environment? “I shop at the farmers market as much as possible and rarely buy packaged produce. I try to buy vintage or used. I’ve tried to be completely waste free but it’s really really hard especially in the city. Composting in the city is hard too because I didn’t have a compost bin near my apartment. I do use solid shampoos, detergent sheets, and dishwasher tablets that are package free.”

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