Small Changes to Help Our Environment - featuring Dexter

Small Changes to Help Our Environment - featuring Dexter
“He is named Dexter, meaning so much as my right hand. He is a rescue from the Midwest. If we did not adopt him he would have been killed. He loves shoes so we have to put our shoes away or he’ll tear them apart. My wife grew up with animals in her family and my kids wanted a dog too but I didn’t. I got outvoted. Now I love him so much.”

Have you made any small changes to help the environment? “We took a brief course in composting at the museum. Luckily our street is still being serviced for compost pick up. We go out to eat very little. When we cook we know what’s in there. We belong to a food coop which was founded by a business school grad and has 17k community members. They try only to carry things from from farms where the workers are not exploited. There had been a farm that suffered greatly from a hail storm. So the coop gathered donations to help them.”

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