Small Changes to Help Our Environment - featuring Rocky Obama

Small Changes to Help Our Environment - featuring Rocky Obama
“This is Rocky Obama. He can bark but he never does. I got a camera at home to keep an eye on him when I’m out and I found he howls. Doesn’t care about skateboards scooters. Can’t jump on couch but can jump down. Not a great eater so I hand feed him dinner sometimes. We have to spell cheese tho or else he jumps on us. Loves my grandkids aged 5 & 2. They dress him in their American Girl doll clothes since he is the right size.”

Have you made any small changes to help the environment? “I had always reused the plastic grocery bags til they break. My daughter used canvas bags long before it was trendy. I rarely used bags at the grocery—would roll the shopping cart to my car and unload it to my trunk. We eat very little meat. Planted milkweed for the butterflies. Try to walk for errands instead of getting in the car. Switch to ice tea that I make instead of diet soda so less cans. Reuse plastic straws if we do get them. Stopped using fabric softener—don’t need it and one less plastic jug. Trying these laundry detergent sheets that come in a paper box. Should be much easier to bring down to my laundry room than the big messy bottle of liquid.”

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