Small Changes to Help the Environment - featuring Penny

Small Changes to Help the Environment - featuring Penny
“Penny loves mangos and people. Never ever barks. We’ve heard her bark maybe 3 times in her 10 years. She is my school’s therapy dog when I bring her in, for the kids and the teachers. My students fight over who takes her for a walk.”

Have you made any small changes to help the environment? “We are composting now. Shopping more at the farmers market and for local produce. I’ll pick the loose fruit and veg rather than prepackaged. We’ll try to cook from scratch rather than buying prepared meals. Eating less meat. It’s a fight with my family but trying to serve more veg in our meals. I bike to work. Always turn off all the lights and electronics. Turn off the water when I brush my teeth. Our school is using compostable trays and utensils.”

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